Planning your Zambian experience

The WildLife Africa offers 4x4 rental for mobile safaris and self drive adventures in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Southern Africa. We can offer professional, private guides to host your visits to Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Lower Zambezi, South Luangwa, Kafue, Liuwa Plains, Lake Malawi, North Luangwa, Lake Tanganyika and other spectacular destinations to be one-in-a-lifetime experiences. We enable independent travelers, families, small groups, large groups, and couples to experience affordable and magical moments with African culture, wildlife, history and nature.

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Zambia is magic. It’s a fantastic country for first-time travelers to Africa with plenty of incredible experiences and “beginner-friendly” products, but so many clients come back again and again because of nuance, depth and open spirit of the country and the variety of experiences that it offers. 

When you are planning your Zambian experience, it’s helpful to think about how you want to engage in your travel. Are you the independent, adventurous type that wants to figure things out on their own and be on your own schedule?  

Or would you rather have the pleasure of taking it easy, having a set schedule, and just letting the flow of the experience take you along?  

Or maybe something in the middle…where some days require more intentional engagement, and others are calmer, slower and organised so you can have the best of both approaches 

If you’ve got Zambian on your mind this year, we can certainly help you think through this, and we have products that cater across the board! We love to help our clients consider what they hope to gain from a trip to Zambia, so please don’t hesitate to be in contact! 

The Wild Life Africa Team