Zambia with fresh eyes

The WildLife Africa offers 4x4 rental for mobile safaris and self drive adventures in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Southern Africa. We can offer professional, private guides to host your visits to Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Lower Zambezi, South Luangwa, Kafue, Liuwa Plains, Lake Malawi, North Luangwa, Lake Tanganyika and other spectacular destinations to be one-in-a-lifetime experiences. We enable independent travelers, families, small groups, large groups, and couples to experience affordable and magical moments with African culture, wildlife, history and nature.

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If you are like us, you’ve felt way too cooped up during the last couple of years. So many of us hunkered down (rightfully so) during COVID, but it’s clear that the urge to travel is getting stronger by the day, and we are excited to be exploring some new parts of Zambia this year. 

We always love to experience new things and new places. It’s human nature to want the latest, new, and freshest take on any given travel experiences. But one thing that that COVID has really made us appreciate is the comfort of familiarity in some of our favourite Zambian destinations.  

We have been fortunate to enjoy some of our favourite spots in Zambia many times, but in this (hopefully) post-COVID phase, we are finding something really fulfilling, comforting and settling about them that we hadn’t felt before. Perhaps it involves helping our kids or new friends discover the places that we’ve loved. Perhaps the stress of the last two years just makes us more grateful for what we do have on our doorstep. All we know is that, lately, our eyes seem to have been opened to the beauty of Zambia in a new way – even the places we’ve been to many times.  

It’s also human nature to want to share fantastic experiences with loved ones, friends or family, so we’ve included some of our favourite destinations in our Recommended Self-drive Itineraries…you’re welcome!  

We hope that you may consider coming to join us in 2022, even if you’ve been here before. Zambia is one of those places that seems to change so quickly…but also stay the same in many ways…that we can guarantee you a fantastic travel experience.  

The Wild Life Africa Team