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We are a small and passionate company with a deep sense of belief about what we offer.

With a strong local team, and many adventurous explorations of Zambia’s wild areas under our belt, we are proud and excited to help you plan and experience your own adventure.

Zambia is truly an underrated self-drive and mobile adventure destination. 

It’s a safe, massive country with few visitors, but it boasts incredible, little-known destinations that can be discovered across the entire country.

We want to help you connect to the soul of travel in Zambia and the region. 

Love exploring? Looking for a unique experience? Feel alive in the outdoors?

The Wild Life is for you!

When you hire our fully-kitted, bush-ready 4x4s, we offer a variety of options.



We offer specially customised 4×4 vehicles to make your dream trip happen. Our 4x4s are meticulously maintained and perfect for serious African adventures.


Route Options

This is only a small taste of the raw beauty and exotic adventures that Southern Africa offers. The possibilities are endless!

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