Classic Self Drive

Zambia is a largely undiscovered self-drive destination. It’s a safe country with few visitors but boasts incredible biodiversity, landscapes and culture. See a taste of it here. Bordering eight neighbours, Zambia also provides the opportunity to explore the endless options throughout Southern Africa 

Our Classic Self-Drive option is simply where you hire a fully-equipped overland 4×4 and head off on your own, at your own pace, offering maximum flexibility for your own adventure.  

We meet you at the airport, brief you on your 4×4 and all its featuresand off you go! If you want to visit other countries, we can organise the necessary paperwork beforehand, so that border crossings are facilitated with a minimum amount of hassle.  

Our 4x4s are tough, reliable and well-equipped to allow you to be on the road – or in the bush – for as long as you’d like. We offer discounts for rentals longer than 15 days, so why not take an extended journey??  

Or, if this all sounds a little overly adventurous for your liking, have a look at our packaged itineraries, which offer a bit more predictability.